I’d have thought 50,000 years of existing on the continent would have qualified as settled.

Nova Peris (Senator for the Northern Territory who is the first Indigenous woman in parliament) when asked for comment on Tony Abbott’s statement on Australia being “unsettled” prior to British invasion.  (via black-australia)

Abbott’s comment reflects a very colonialist mentality that created strict notions of what is civilisation (i.e. white civilisation), and by extension, human. In doing so it allows them to discount the value of Indigenous civilisation, and allowed them to view Indigenous people as sub-human. It is an attitude that justified cruel policies of exploitation and extermination of Indigenous people across the globe.

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took some pics of Mia hanging out in the park today 

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MIA!!!! Greta takes gr8 pix


I didn’t have class today so we went to Hollywood & Highland on Hollywood Boulevard, and I got to go to Sephora and MAC! I bought basically everything on my Sephora list and ticked a few things off my MAC list. So excited to try this all out and review it for y’all :D


Hello from UCLA! The first photo is the view from my room, and the second is the makeup I picked up at Target in a hurry while buying things for my room, because makeup counts as an essential.

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Uzo Aduba of Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black” won the Critics Choice Television award for Best Guest Performer in a Comedy Series (6/19/14)


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That time when Tom and Ben walked into the cafe I was in and I couldn’t remember the “look what the homosexuals have done to me” line that I wanted to greet them with so I just shouted “HOMOSEXUALS”

i love season two of ointb so far!

Piper looks so good here

i love season two of ointb so far!

Piper looks so good here

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